Viewing Source Files

There are two ways to view source files:

Viewing the Repository (requires a CLASSE user account)

Browsing interface via ViewVC. Can view file histories:             -- Root directory. -- Bmad simulation code root directory. -- External "packages" root directory.

Note: As an alternative, there is which gives Direct WebDAV repository access. Can be used with a browser or an SVN client but there is no file history viewing.

Note: See the next section below for the locations of some Directories of Interest.

Locations in the Repository of Some Directories of Interest

/trunk/src/bmad                  # Bmad simulation library
/trunk/src/bsim # Simulation programs
/trunk/src/cpp_bmad_interface # Interface between Bmad fortrans structures and C++ equivalents
/trunk/src/examples # Some example programs and lattice files
/trunk/src/lattice # CESR lattices
/trunk/src/regression_tests # Bmad regression tests
/trunk/src/sim_utils # Low level utility routines used by Bmad
/trunk/src/tao # Tao program
/trunk/src/util_programs # Utility programs

/packages/PGPLOT # Plotting library
/packages/fgsl # Fortran wrappers for GSL
/packages/forest # Etienne Forest FPP/PTC library
/packages/gsl # Gnu Scientific Library
/packages/hdf5 # Hierarchical Data Format version 5
/packages/lapack # Linear algebra package
/packages/plplot # Plotting library
/packages/recipes_f-90_LEPP # Numerical Recipes library
/packages/xraylib # X-ray parameter library
/packages/xsif # XSIF lattice parsing library

/trunk/util # Build script directory
/trunk/build_system # Build script directory

Downloading a Specific Directory

To download a single directory (as opposed to downloading an entire Bmad Distribution), use the command

svn co<directory-location>

where <directory-location> is the location of the directory as listed above. For example, to checkout the bmad directory, the command is:

svn co

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