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CLASSE Computer Request Form

Please plan ahead! A typical computer deployment takes about a week. Please also familiarize yourself with our computing policies.

This form must be filled out by a CLASSE member.

If you are currently using a CLASSE-managed computer that will be replaced by the new computer, please prepare for the migration by moving all locally stored files to central storage. Don't forget about application data that may not be on your desktop. If you need help with this, please let us know in the comment field below.

After submitting the form, you should receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive any confirmation, then your request was not submitted successfully. Please try again or email directly.

Fields in red * are mandatory.

  1. REQUESTOR (log in at bottom of left sidebar if not filled in automatically):

  2. COMPUTER USER (who will be the primary user of this computer?):

  3. SUPERVISOR OF COMPUTER USER: (default = same as requestor; please edit if otherwise)

  4. New Desktop computer
    New Laptop computer (Additional training, support cost, and discussion needed to use a CLASSE managed laptop)

  5. No Monitor needed
    Reuse a recovered monitor (availability may vary)
    Special Order Small Monitor - Need 5 days lead time(1920x1080 resolution, ~$100)
    CLASSE Standard Monitor(24", 1920x1080 resolution, ~$200)
    CLASSE Large Monitor(27", 4k resolution, ~$300)

  6. [expl #1]
    Scientific Linux v7 (64bit SL7, required for new computers)
    Windows 10 x64 (1607 LTSB default 10/30/2017)
    Mac OS X

  7. (This must be a date, not "ASAP".) [expl #2]

  8. [expl #5]
    Indefinite (e.g. new or replacement computer for a full-time employee)
    2-3 years (e.g. it'll likely need an upgrade to support future software versions -- as with Inventor workstations)
    1 year (e.g. for someone with a short term appointment)
    3-6 months (e.g. REU or summer student, short experimental system)
    1 week-1 month (e.g. proof of concept system, likely to be replaced with "real hardware" if it works)

  9. [expl #3]

  10. [expl #4]

  11. Please verify your submission by typing the word in the image below *

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  • Operating System
    • CLASSE does not support Windows 8.
    • Windows 10 is available for use on new computers at CLASSE. Only the 64 bit version is supported.
    • The primary version of Linux supported by CLASSE on desktop systems is 64bit Scientific Linux version 6. Scientific Linux v7 is in the process of being rolled out on all new desktop hardware. Systems running v6 are considered for upgrade to v7. Scientific Linux is a preconfigured version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
    • CLASSE cannot support computers with more than one operating system installed: neither dual-boot nor in a VM. Remote access to computers running other operating systems is readily available.
    • If any other computer configuration is required, it must be discussed with the CLASSE IT Director. We do not have enough staff to be able to support many different types of computers and software.
  • When Needed
    • In order to appropriately schedule the computer, we must know the date when the computer is needed. "ASAP" is meaningless: it means different things to different people.
    • It usually takes about a week to configure the hardware and software correctly. More time may be needed if there are special requirements. See Requesting New Computers
  • Intended usage
    • In order to determine the system configuration, we need to know how it is expected to be used. Reading mail, browsing the Web and accessing remote systems are not as demanding as designing hardware with Ansys and AutoDesk Inventor. Most software development must be done by accessing appropriate servers, not on local desktop systems.
  • Standard Linux Software
    • In general, all CLASSE Linux systems have access to the same set of packages that have been chosen to work for almost everyone. If one argues that a missing package is useful and productive, we will try to push it out for all the systems and make it part of the standard. Anything that is not installed as part of the Linux distribution (for example, Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, various compilers, etc.) can be accessed from /nfs/opt/. For more information, please see LinuxSupport.
  • Standard Windows Software (this links to a detailed list)
  • How long will the computer be needed?
    • Knowing the length of time a computer is expected to be needed will help us to decide if, for example, a particular previously-used computer will be an acceptable match. Older computers will be unable to run future operating systems. Many already are unable to run Windows 7 or 64bit SL6.

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