"TPC performance studies in magnetic fields"

A TPC prototype was constructed specifically for tests in solenoidal magnets at TRIUMF and DESY, to evaluate the capabilities of a GEM-TPC in strong fields. A laser delivery system was added for further tests of the two track separation power of the device. For modest drift distances (up to 30 cm), at 4 Tesla the TPC surpasses the required spatial resolution to achieve the momentum resolution at the LC. The two track resolution is approximately the pad width. The expected dE/dx resolution is achieved.

A novel track fitting algorithm (using maximum likelihood) has been developed in order to meet these resolution goals. Other groups are incorporating this method for their prototype studies.

In mid 2005, we are presently analyzing the data collected in 2003 and 2004, for publication. We plan to get involved in the development of a large scale prototype in collaboration with other LC-TPC groups.

We have received adequate support from NSERC/Canada, along with local infrastructure support.

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