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CLASSE Personal Web Pages



  1. Use the following form to create a new page. After clicking on Create New Personal Page, you will see the "source" (or "raw") view of your new page.
    • Note that you will need to login using your CLASSE Network username and password. For more information, please see UserAccountsAndPasswords.
    • Also note that whoever is logged in when you fill out the form will be able to edit the page (in addition to the Web Committee). In order to give anyone else permission to edit the new page, they will have to be added to the "Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE" line you see when editing the page.
  2. Customize the new page that appears. Directions and notes are enclosed in comments.
    1. Be sure you do not remove or change any html div tags.
    2. As desired, enter your name, position, address, phone, and email by replaceing the generic placeholder text.
    3. Create any links by editing the example links.
    4. Write a personal introduction or biography. In general, you can copy and paste plain text from another document (word, for example) into the wiki edit window.
    5. Follow the directions on the page to correctly restrict permission to edit the new page. Authorize users based on their WikiName.
    6. Click on "Save" to save (and complete the creation of) the new page. You will then view your new page. As you can see, the URL for your personal page is
  3. Attach an image to the new page by clicking on the attach button.
    1. The image's dimensions should be as close as possible to 122px (width) x 136px (height). For help resizing images, please email the
    2. Either name your image "mugshot.jpg", or modify the img html tag in the new page.
    3. If necessary, images could be downloaded from the CLASSE Facebook at . Note that these images will need to be cropped and then resized to 122x136.
  4. Email, asking to have your personal page linked to from the CLASSE Directory.

New Page Form

Use the following form to create a new Personal Page in the CLASSE wiki. If the page already exists, you will be taken to a screen to edit that page.

Name of new page: (Generally use person's WikiName)