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Beamline Gui A GUI intended to help analyze the results of an optimizer. With it you can: Plot the resultant objectives and decisions. Graphically select an ind...
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Cryogun Example Emittance/Bunch Charge Beamline Setup Cryocooled Dcgun followed by two Solenoids and a NCRF buncher cavity Field Map: Input Files Electric...
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Injector Optimization Home Come Back Later Main.EdmondLu 18 Feb 2019
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Cryogun Optimization Emittance/ Bunch Charge
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Dcgun Setup 1)Change the var_param file in the "inopt/examples/dcgun/optconf" directory. Located in the var_param file is a section of code labeled Problem Defini...
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Dcgun Example Emittance/Bunch Charge Beamline Setup Cornell Dcgun and one Solenoid Field Map for setup along z direction: Input Files Electric Field Map (g...
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Debugging 0) To make sure the optimizer functions properly before even running the optimization, one can run the following code and make sure that there is no err...
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Setup Instructions General Setup 1) Obtain read/write permissions to access /ERL_devel by submitting a CLASSE IT service request. 2) Checkout a working copy of ...
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How the Optimizer Works The optimizer is multiobjective genetic algorithm that evaluates outputs from GPT photoinjector simulations by using a custom evaluation f...
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RFgun Optimization Emittance/Bunch Charge Beamline Setup ... Field Map for setup along z direction: ... Input Files Electric Field Map (gdf) : Buncher Fie...
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Optimizer Rerun New Input File 1) In var_param, change the variable "initial_data_file" to the new Input data file that you would like to start with for your n...
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Emittance: The volume of a particle bunch in phase space. It is an important characterisitic of the beam as emittance measures the quality of a beam with regard t...
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