How the Optimizer Works

The optimizer is multiobjective genetic algorithm that evaluates outputs from GPT photoinjector simulations by using a custom evaluation function. It contains two main programs that work together in unison: Variator (var) and Selector (spea2). For our optimizations, we are mainly concerned with the variator as it is the program that runs the individuals and calls the evaluation function.

Specifically, the variator writes a batch job for QSUB or ssh to a computer and then writes and individual's files with the name of _000...ind# (Here ind# is just the number of the individual). This file can be found in the tmp folder of the directory in which you are running the optimizations. This file essentially creates an individual, calls the custom evaluation function, and then fills in a text file containing the individual's optimization parameters with all the merits filled in. This text file is what is used for the optimization; multiple of these files creates a generation.

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