internal package Foswiki::Plugins::MediaPlugin

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internal package MediaPlugin

initPlugin($topic, $web, $user, $installWeb) -> $boolean

  • $topic - the name of the topic in the current CGI query
  • $web - the name of the web in the current CGI query
  • $user - the login name of the user
  • $installWeb - the name of the web the plugin is installed in

_MEDIA( $session, $params, $topic, $web ) -> $html

Handle MEDIA tag.

_handleEmbedMov( $source, $session, $params, $topic, $web ) -> $html

Calls _createHtml with type 'mov'.

_handleEmbedWmv( $source, $session, $params, $topic, $web ) -> $html

Calls _createHtml with type 'wmv'.

_handleEmbedSwf( $source, $session, $params, $topic, $web ) -> $html

Calls _createHtml with type 'swf'.

See Flash OBJECT and EMBED tag attributes.

_handleEmbedAudio( $source, $session, $params, $topic, $web ) -> $html

_handleEmbedGeneric( $source, $session, $params, $topic, $web ) -> $html

Embeds generic media formats such as 'html'. See Objects, Images, and Applets.

Calls _createHtml with type 'generic'.

_createHtml( $source, $params, $type ) -> $html

Reads in type specific template and substitutes attribute placeholders.

_getTemplateName ( $type ) -> $text

Gets the name of a type specific template. For instance: type 'swf' gets template 'mediaplugin_swf'.

Creates mimetype tabe $MIMETYPES from reading and parsing attachment 'mimetypes.txt.

mergeHashes (\%a, \%b ) -> \%merged

Merges 2 hash references.

trimSpaces( $text ) -> $text

Removes spaces from both sides of the text.

Shorthand debugging call.

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