Analysis Environment: Histogram Plotter Interface

Wish List

  • The plotter shows the histogram as it is accumulating. While the plotter is updating it should remain 'interactable', e.g., one can change the axis properties.
  • Passing the cursor over the plotter, the 'interactable' parts should highlight. This makes it obvious what you are selecting.
  • It should be possible to directly interact with the histogram (e.g., change the range of an axis) as well as to use a palette to make the changes. Perhaps only the most commonly used interactions will be available through direct interaction (e.g., line thickness may only be available through the palette. Selecting a particular part of the histogram should make the 'interactors' become visible (e.g., drag points for changing the axis scale).
  • The following properties should be modifiable
    • color, transparency and thickness for all lines
    • color, transparency and font for all text
  • While 'brushing' the histogram show highlight the bins which are being chosen. If we allow brushing based on values explicitly typed, then the range of the selection may only partially enclose the end most bins. In this case we should show the 'fraction' of the bin that was chosen. The 'fraction' can be calculated in two ways
    • we go back to the data and find exactly how many data items in the 'fractional' bins were selected and then show that count
    • we calculate the fractional area of the bin which is selected and scale the selection count by that fraction.
-- ChrisDJones - 22 Nov 2006
Topic revision: r2 - 29 Nov 2006, ChrisDJones
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