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Group Todo List

Completed tasks page

CMSSW and FWLite Software Infrastructure

  • Improve FWLite/CINT exception handling
  • Access to high-level data quality objects
  • fwlite::Event access to provenance (e..g., access to the ModuleDescription from a branch)
  • Update fwlite documentation in the software guide and workbook. Use the email exchange with Stefan Piperov as a starting point.
  • Access to AssociationMap, ValueMap from FWLite
  • Old CMSSW infrastructure tasks:
    • Provenance tracking for EventSetup
    • Replay history in subsequent job in EventSetup
    • Parameter set validation
    • classes_def.xml creator
    • Improve error messages from python config parser
    • EDMConfig editor for python configs
    • Make a TSelector that can run Framework modules
    • Service system should be informed when entering an EventSetup module
    • Should give name of service in the exception thrown when a requested service is not available


DBS and Webtools

There are three main areas:
  • WEBTOOLS and FileMover service (allow staging LFN for event display, etc.)
  • Query-Language service (place queries against distributed data services)
  • DBS tasks, including admin interface, DBS CLI, merging DD and DBS-QL


  • (partially done) Add JobRobot, SpaceMonitoring into cmsweb.
  • (partially done) Work on security module, we need to capture user certificates on front-end apache server and sent relevant parts back to CherryPy
  • Review dashboard integration with WEBTOOLS and it's overall design
  • (partially done) Web-services, REST and AJAX responses, service configuration template, common templates for tables, lists, selects, etc.
  • delegated maintenance of WEBTOOLS projects to CERN IT operator
  • Add awstats into WEBTOOLS


  • (first prototype in place) Make DD seach across multiple DBS instances. Using DBS-QL it would be possible to first search all DBS-QL using count query and then represent results via tabs on a page.
  • (created a few CLI tools) Integrate Phedex data services
    • use Phedex data service to change LFN to PFN
  • (first prototype in place) Work on web-services for remote Data Discovery services.
  • Add treeview for parents
  • Add ability to search by branch name, look into sql files for new tables
  • Add DBS-Mart info advanced search output
  • Analysis datasets and DBS-Mart interface
  • Add diff for data provenance
  • (modified DBS server to add this keyword into DBS-QL) Add MC cross-section information
  • Add condition DB information
  • revise data discovery history DB
  • (partially completed) REST services


  • (partially done) QL-QO design
    • write out sample queries across services
    • what technology we can use
    • find out what tag collector is doing
  • Query Language Output service
    • implement API per data services how to extract information from data service output
    • implement filter
    • implement multiplexer
    • read data service data description
  • Query Language service
    • construct query
    • had a list of abstract APIs to talk to various data services
    • implement data service APIs, e.g use SiteDB JSON or Phedex data services to place request for data
  • Outline mapping for data services
    • DBS is ready
    • Phedex, e.g. location, mass storage, dataset completeness
    • SiteDB, e.g. person, person.role,, site, site.admin, site.location
  • QL syntax
    • site is located both in DBS and SiteDB, the user should be specific about what site he/she wants to user in request/output. For example site@dbs or site@sitedb
    • Relations between data services, e.g. how to connect DBS and SiteDB (via site), how to relate Phedex and DBS



CAC Cluster

LEPP Cluster

  • CRAB installation

-- DanRiley - 21 Aug 2008
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