Turbogears http://www.turbogears.org is a rapid development web application framework. It uses different building blocks:
  • MochiKit is a clean and powerful JavaScript library
  • Kid is a designer- and programmer-friendly template system
  • CherryPy makes doing web input/output as easy as writing a Python function!
  • SQLObject lets you access your database as you would normal Python classes, without obscuring the database itself.

For the DBS scope we mostly interesting in SQLObject layer. Here its short description:

SQLObject is an easy-to-use object-relational mapper that succeeds in both allowing you to use your data via standard Python objects without hiding the fact that there's a database back there. In order to have an application with acceptable performance, you can't completely forget that there's a database there. By neatly mapping tables to classes and columns to attributes, you won't often be surprised by the SQL that's generated. SQLObject's query logging makes it a snap to verify exactly what SQL statements are being executed.

-- ValentinKuznetsov - 05 May 2006
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