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Work to be done by the project Contact

Review your page.

You (the project Contact) have been assigned a web site registration name and password. The registration name is a shortened version of your name with no spaces. It is case sensitive. Your password may be changed by using a link on the left bar. The first task is to open your page and review the contents.

  • If you are not already here, open the web page.
  • Navigate to the topic, eg CAL.
  • Select your project.
  • Note any errors in the information in the entries below. This information should have been filled in by the administrator or your assisting panel member. You can correct any simple errors as you make your additions to the project page. Consider changing your browser settings to refresh the page every time you visit.
    • Project name
    • Contact name (You), institution, and email
    • Topic
    • Assisting panel member
    • Collaborating institutions.

Do not be concerned about the other contents of the page which includes dummy information, blank publicity photos, and a blank funding table. You will insert this information when you edit the page.

Edit the page.

  • Select “edit” on the lower grey bar. This will open the project page in the editing environment.
  • Do not modify the ALLOWTOPICCHANGE lines (3 lines, starting with "<", ending with ">")

Enter your detector Concept affiliation

Your project page is initiated showing all three possible detector concepts: SiD, LDC, and/or GLD. (Note that SiD has some controls surrounding it. The charater string "SiD" follows the convention for wiki names. The controls specify that it is a simple character string.
  • Delete the inappropriate affliations.
  • An example of a correctly formatted line follows.
   *Detector Concept Affiliation:*  <nop>SiD</nop>, LDC

This should be entered on the "web page" line.

  • Replace the dummy url with a link to your privately maintained project web page.
  • An example of a correctly formatted line follows.
   *web page:*

Save your page

  • Click "save" on the grey bar labeled with the project name.

You should be returned to the normal view of your page. If you do not see your changes, it may be necessary to refresh the page. Consider changing your browser settings to refresh pages every time you visit.

Other entries on your page

There are several other entries on your page:
  • the link to a collaborators page,
  • links to recent presentations/publications,
  • publicity graphics,
  • the link to your reseach statement,
  • and your funding table.

These entries are described in separate links from the Instructions page.