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The World Wide Study Organizing Committee (WWSOC) has established the Detector R&D Panel to promote and coordinate detector R&D for the International Linear Collider.

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Research Project Leaders:Instructions to initiate the process of adding your Project to the register

Please email the Panel chair to provide all of the following information.

  • Project name, (example: "Development of a better pixel detector")
  • System, (Select a system from the list below, example: vertexing)
  • Contact, (Provide the name, institution, and email address of the one individual in your group who will be the contact to the Detector R&D Panel)
  • Institutions (List all institutions actively involved in the project.)

Detector R&D "projects" are organized under these systems

Definition of a "Project"

The News

22-December-2005 There are 0 projects that are complete and ready to be installed: .

11-January-2006 The new "system page" formatting, which includes "umbrella" organizations, has been installed for CALICE, LC-TPC, and SiLC. Currently, all projects affiliated with umbrellas are also listed under the "indivudual projects" listing. However, listing under "individual projects" is optional, by project.