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University of Michigan
Linear Collider Tracker Alignment System R&D

Cornell University, Purdue University
Development of a Micro Pattern Gas Detector Readout for the TPC

University of Victoria
TPC performance studies in magnetic fields

University of California at Santa Cruz
R&D Towards a Long Shaping-Time Silicon Strip Central Tracker

Purdue University
Development of thin silicon sensors for tracking

Max-Plank-Institut fuer Physik, Munich

Kyungpook National Univ., Korea Univ., Chonnam National Univ., Seoul National Univ.
Development of the silicon microstrip sensors for a tracking detector

LBNL, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Davis
VLSI Readout for the TPC

CDC Collaboration (KEK, Tsukuba, TUAT, Kogakuin, Kinki, Hiroshima, Saga, Minadanao)
Linear Collider Gaseous Tracker R&D

These groups are known to be working in TPC R&D, but have no page.

TPC Studies (presentation by Astrid Muennich at LCWS05)

Carleton University
TPC Studies, charge dispersion signal (presentation by Madhu Dixit at LCWS05)

DESY, University of Hamburg
TPC Studies (presentation by Peter Wienemann at LCWS05)

TPC Studies, Medpix + GEM (included due to communication from R. Settles)

TPC Studies (presentation by Jochen Kaminski at LCWS04)

Lund, Stockholm
TPC electronics (included due to communication from R. Settles)

TPC Studies, Medpix + MicroMegas (presentation by Jan Timmermans at LCWS05)

TPC Studies (presentation by Paul Colas at LCWS05)

These groups are working on other other tracking projects but have no page.

Kansas State University
Calorimetry-assisted tracking and reconstruction of long-lived particles

SILC collaboration

Oklahoma University
Development and Evaluation of Forward Tracking in a Linear Collider (LCRD 5.1)

Louisiana Tech
Development of a GEM based Forward Tracking Prototype for the ILC (LCRD 5.2)

Studies of Gas Electron Multipliers for a Time Projection Chamber for the ILC (LCRD 5.3)