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Project: Studies with the MPI prototype

Contact: Ron Settles (Max-Plank-Institut fuer Physik, Munich, Germany) mail

System: tracking

Assisting Panel Member: Wolfgang Lohmann

Participating Institutions: - (participating individuals)
  • Max-Plank-Institut fuer Physik

Detector Concept Affiliation: LDC, GLD

This project is affiliated with the LC-TPC collaboration.

web page: and tpc/welcome3.html

recent presentations/publications:
  • presentation of this project at LCWS05, Stanford, 21-March-2005: (pdf)
  • general ILC TPC presentation at Berkeley, 23-March-2005: (pdf)

publicity graphics
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schematic of the MPI TPC 2mm x 6mm pads caption for pic3

Research Statement