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Project: Linear Collider Gaseous Tracker R&D in Asia

Contact: Akira Sugiyama (Saga Univiversity, Japan) mail

System: Tracking

Assisting Panel Member: HongJoo Kim

Particpating Institutions: - (participating individuals)
  • CDC Collaboration:
  • KEK
  • Tsukuba University
  • Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Kogakuin University
  • Kinki University
  • Hiroshima University
  • Saga University
  • Minadanao State University

Detector Concept Affiliation: GLD, LDC

This project is affiliated with the LC-TPC collaboration.

web page:

recent presentations/publications:
  • Cosmic Ray Test of GEM MPI/TPC in Mag. Field, LCWS05, March 2005: (pdf)

publicity graphics
CDC-TPC.jpg CDC-Ez-before.jpg CDC-Ez-after.jpg CDC-x-resolution.jpg
MPI TPC fitted with GEM for CDC studies Z electric field before field compensation Z electric field after field compensation spatial resolution

Research Statement