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Project: Direct comparison of Micro Pattern Gas Detector Readouts

*Panel's contact on the project kiss Daniel Peterson (Cornell University, USA) mail

System: Tracking

Assisting Panel Member: Wolfgang Lohmann

Participating Institutions - (participating individuals)
  • Cornell Unversity
  • Purdue University

Detector Concept Affiliation: LDC, GLD

This project is affiliated with the LC-TPC collaboration.

web page:

recent presentations/publications:
  • presentation at TPC R&D miniworkshop, Orsay, 12-January-2005: (pdf)
  • presentation at LCWS05 Stanford, 21-March-2005: (pdf)
  • presentation at ALCPG Snowmass, 22-August-2005: (pdf)
  • presentation at ECFA Vienna, 15-November-2005: (pdf)

publicity graphics
photo 2005 march GEMampClose.jpg tpc20050405-0-ev24.jpg Error: (3) can't find Jan02-2005-MVC-002F-readout-onWhite-edit.jpg in ILC/WWS Error: (3) can't find MicroMegas3M_20-Jan-2005-edit.jpg in ILC/WWS
TPC field cage and single-GEM gas-amplification FADC output showing a cosmic ray event with single-GEM gas-amplification MWPC gas amplification and readout pads 3M produced MicroMegas mounted for testing at Purdue

Research Statement