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What is a "project" ?

The WWS Detector R&D Panel has been charged to maintain a register of R&D programs and to assess those programs in terms of their relevance to the detector concepts. To address the charge, the Panel organizes programs by projects, not by institutions.

A project can be defined by the intellectual development of a result that helps to understand or improve the performance or viability of some aspect of a detector concept. A project can also be defined by an effort centered on an apparatus or simulation that is used to investigate the applicability of a particular technology to a subsystem of a detector concept.

The group of individuals that work on a project may come from one or several institutions. Individuals and institutions may be involved with multiple projects. The group of individuals or institutions that are listed on a project is typically the group that would be listed as the authors when results are presented.

Feeling uncertain as to whether projects are independent? Consider this.

one project: There are several people, possibly from different institutes, working on the same intellectual development. They might work on the same apparatus. Alternatively, they might be working on different apparatus but combining the results. When a result is presented, all of these people and institutes would have contributed and would be listed as authors of that result.

different projects: There some people, possibly from different institutes, maybe even from the same institute, who are working on different intellectual developments of the same basic idea. These people might talk to each other and might be really friendly. But, when it comes time to present results, they have unique results with different presentations having different author lists.