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Scintillator based EM and Hadron calorimter for ILC

Scintillator strip will be a stable active material for the sandwich calorimeter, and depending on the strip length we can control the number of read out channels. Thus we can construct the calorimeter of high granurality in reliable way. We have to determine several parameters such as length , thickness and width of the scintillator strips. We will also use a sophisticated photon sensor of semiconductor which will be small enough compared to the strip itself.

R/D items

1) simulation to determine the detector parameters and to achieve PFA. (2005-2007)

2) development of photon sensor. (2005)

3) development of compact read out scheme (2005-06)

4) prototype of EM-cal production (2006)

5) prodcution of read out system (2006)

6) beam test of the EM-CAL prototype ( 2007)

requirements here

Please address the following questions in your statement.

  • What are the goals of this R&D project. How does this R&D project address the needs of one or more of the detector concepts?

  • If there are multiple institutions participating in this project, please describe the distribution of responsibilities.

  • Are there significant recent results?

  • What are the plans for the near future(about 1 year)? What are the plans on a time scale of 2 to 3 years?

  • Are there critical items that must be addressed before significant results can be obtained from this project?

  • Is the support for this project sufficient? Are there significant improvements that could be made with additional support?