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"Diagnostics (Luminosity Optimisation and Beam Momentum Measurement)"

  • What are the goals of this R&D project. How does this R&D project address the needs of one or more of the detector concepts?

The goals of the LC-ABD collaboraiton are to build strong research projects centred on the ILC beam delivery system. The work is divided into 5 workpackages:
  • Lattice Design and Beam Simulations
    • BDS Lattice Design ( ASTeC, Liverpool, Manchester)
    • BDS Beam Transport Simulations and Backgrounds (ASTeC, Liverpool, Manchester, QMUL, RHUL)
  • Advanced Beam Diagnostics
    • Laser-wire (ASTeC, Oxford, RHUL, UCL)
    • Bunch Longitudinal Profile (Dundee, Oxford)
    • Polarisation (ASTeC, IPPP Durham, Liverpool)
  • Alignment and Stabilisation (Oxford)
  • Final Focus Luminosity Stabilisation
    • Luminosity Stabilisation (ASTeC, Oxford, QMUL)
    • Beam Position Monitors/Energy Spectrometry (ASTeC, Cambridge, UCL)
  • Technology
    • Polarised Positron Undulator (ASTeC, Liverpool)
    • Crab Cavity System (ASTeC, Lancaster)
    • Collimation (ASTeC, Birmingham, Lancaster)

Recent significant results and updates can be found from the collaboration website:

Immediate plans are to achieve the stated deliverables within the lifetime of the current funding period, which ends in March 2007. Longer term plans will include the development of engineering prototypes and increased particiaption in the international beam test facilities. This is subject to a new funding round.