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"Simulation Studies for a Silicon Tracker"

The goals of this project are to help develop track reconstruction software in the org.lcsim framework and to use this software to study the tracking performance of design variants for the SiD silicon strip tracker. These studies will play a crucial role in optimizing the tracker design to meet the physics requirements of the ILC.

This project is just beginning, with no significant results to date.

For the near future, our goal is to develop a detailed and realistic track reconstruction program in the org.lcsim framework. In the longer term, we plan to work with other groups in the SiD Tracking and Vertexing groups to use simulations as a tool in optimizing the tracker design and to demonstrate that the SiD concept is able to achieve the physics goals for the ILC.

The critical item at this point is the development of the detailed hit digitization, track finding, and track fitting software in the org.lcsim framework. Currently, we are working on the track finding aspect, with other groups focusing on the hit digitization and track fitting aspects.

This effort is currently manpower limited. Additional funding would directly increase the postdoc FTE that can be devoted to this project and would significantly advance this project.

Please address the following questions in your statement.

  • What are the goals of this R&D project. How does this R&D project address the needs of one or more of the detector concepts?

  • If there are multiple institutions participating in this project, please describe the distribution of responsibilities.

  • Are there significant recent results?

  • What are the plans for the near future(about 1 year)? What are the plans on a time scale of 2 to 3 years?

  • Are there critical items that must be addressed before significant results can be obtained from this project?

  • Is the support for this project sufficient? Are there significant improvements that could be made with additional support?