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"Continuation of Reconstruction Studies for the SiD Barrel Outer Tracker"

Current efforts involve implementing a Kalman filter fitting algorithm for the SiD simulation and reconstruction efforts in Java (JAS3, This fitter will be made plug-compatible and available to SiD tracking developers, so it can be contrasted to the (existing) weight-matrix based fitter. In addition (or primarily), the addition or substitution of hits on a track in the Kalman framework will allow for the optimal resolution of hit sharing problems which occur near the center of jets.
Please address the following questions in your statement.

  • What are the goals of this R&D project. How does this R&D project address the needs of one or more of the detector concepts?

  • If there are multiple institutions participating in this project, please describe the distribution of responsibilities.

  • Are there significant recent results?

  • What are the plans for the near future(about 1 year)? What are the plans on a time scale of 2 to 3 years?

  • Are there critical items that must be addressed before significant results can be obtained from this project?

  • Is the support for this project sufficient? Are there significant improvements that could be made with additional support?