Beamline Gui

A GUI intended to help analyze the results of an optimizer. With it you can:

-Plot the resultant objectives and decisions.

-Graphically select an individual to view its decisions/objective values.

-After selecting an individual you can modify any decision values if desired and then rerun GPT for this individual. This will save the gpt outputs to a user specified folder. If you have SVN updated past 3/13/17 you can also view plots giving statistical values along the beamline.

Requirements: The GUI probably requires running on a linux machine. It also requires the latest version of the python script "ParetoUtil.py". This script must be placed in the pisapy directory. The latest version of "ParetoUtil.py" can be found below. The script for the GUI must be placed in a subdirectory of where the optimizer was run.

Examples: There is an example in the folder gui.example. To run it navigate to gui.example/gui and do: python BeamOptGUI.py

It should contain all the needed files assumiming you have placed "ParetoUtil.py" in the pisapy folder.




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