Emittance: The volume of a particle bunch in phase space. It is an important characterisitic of the beam as emittance measures the quality of a beam with regard to the tightness and uniformity of the momentum of its individual particles.

Space Charge: The repulsive Coulomb forces in a bunch of particles of the same polarity.

Buncher: A device that focuses a beam in the time domain.

Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA): Algorithms that involve optimizing more than one objective function simultaneosly while evaluating multiple conflicting parameters in the decision making process. Nontrival MOGA problems typically do not have a single solution; instead, there exists multiple Pareto Efficient solutions.

Pareto Efficiency/ Pereto Front: Pareto Efficiency is a state of allocation of resources from which it is impossible to reallocate so as to make any one individual or preference criterion better off without making at least one individual or preference criterion worse off. The Pareto Front is the set of all Pareto efficient allocations, conventionally shown graphically.

General Particle Tracer (GPT): A scientific simulation tool for the design of accelerators and beam lines.

Distgen: The initial particle generator code

MTE: Mean Transverse Energy

FEL: Free Electron Laser

UED: Ultrafast Electron Diffraction

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