Minutes for April 7, 2006

  • Tim: Rebooting the coldfire in the DAQ lab didn't work: the DSP module was lacking a necessary update. This has been fixed now. The basic linux client and server for the coldfire are working now. The possibility of windows client is being looked at.
  • Jerry: Will assist Jamie where necessary in her C coding work.
  • Charlie: At high access rates the FAST GLOBAL RATE register on the FLM accumulator board was found to block. New Xilinx code to fix this was tested in the lab and will be downloaded in the FLM module during the next access of over 4 hours (most likely April 18). The fix was applied to both the FAST and SLOW GLOBAL registers; the remaining registers should not pose a problem (they have dual access ports).
  • Hubert: Working on the first part of the constants structure for the BSM in connection with the constants library. Will be starting to load these to the DSP in the DAQ lab.
  • Valeriu: Am working on DSP's for the RF system; have made a GUI interface to the RF and am now trying to organize communication with the X-bus.
  • Eugene: Have been testing the MPMnet with Greg: vxputn, vxgetn, vuputn and vugetn now work from linux, both in Fortran and C.
    • Example of a C program: ~gms35/cesr/MPMnet/progs/lnx180c_client.c
    • Example of a Fortran program: /nfs/cesr/temp/ept7l/DSP_CONTROLS_TEST/test_10kraw/get_10kraw.f
    • To start a server, copy the [CESR.GMS35.LIB]serve.com to your own directory and execute it
  • Dave Rice : The BSM23E will be needed for the ECLOUD experiment which we would like to conduct on April 24.
  • Discussion (including feedback from Mark after the meeting): In terms of ethernet connections to the coldfire of the BSM at 23E, we will start out with a switch, hooked up to the existing cable (Charlie will get a switch). In the long run, 2 ethernet cables will need to be pulled to 23E. The current plan is to install the BSM related equipment at 23E on April 18.

-- EugeneTanke - 07 Apr 2006
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