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See the Overview and Definitions page for an overview of the Cornell accelerator software environment.

Compiler Requirements

At present, it is known that our code can be built with the following compilers:

ifort (Intel)
gfortran (gcc) 6.3+

Obtaining The Code

1. Code can be accessed via the ACC Code Repository. Note:
  • The ACC Code Repository can be accessed by all users who have a CLASSE account.
  • Additionally, there is anonymous read access to parts of the ACC repository. In particular, there is read access to all directories contained in a Distribution

2. Code can be accessed by downloading a Distribution.
  • Distributions are ment for OFF-site work and no CLASSE account is needed.
  • Distributions contain the Bmad simulation code.

Building the Code

"On-Site" building using Releases when working with the CLASSE Linux computer network

"Off-Site" bilding using Distributions.

Building your own code

  • To setup local builds of your own code, please see the Code development wiki..
  • To try a build of a working simple example, please see the Examples.


  • For documented issues and solutions with building the ACC code, please see our Troubleshooting page.
  • For "profiling" a program. That is, finding which places in the code are taking up the most execution time, see the Profilepage.

Other Stuff

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