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Remote Access to the CLASSE Linux Computers

Using the X11 windowing system when accessing CLASSE computers from a remote computer can be slow due to the firewall between the CLASSE computers and the outside world. X11 is used, for example, when any program, like Tao, pops open a window to display graphics output. To overcome this, an X2Go server has been setup on a CLASSE computer. X2Go is a computer program that handles remote X Window System connections, and attempts to greatly improve on the performance of the native X display protocol to the point that it can be usable over a slow link

Another advantage of using X2Go is that if the connection is lost between the remote computer and CLASSE, the state of the windows is saved by the X2Go server and everything is restored upon a reconnection to the server.

Note: In order to keep from saturating the X2Go server computer, the X2Go server computer is not to be used for computations. Rather, from the X2Go server computer, use ssh to connect to other lab computers. Possible compute nodes to use include the ilc201, ilc202, and ilc203.

To use X2Go for remote access:

  1. Download and setup an X2Go client on the remote computer.
  2. Follow the setup instructions.
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