Bmad Help and Mailing List Information

The Bmad Mailing Lists

Bmad has two mailing lists:
  1. The bmad-l mailing list is used to send information on Bmad developments (updates, news, etc.) to interested people. The volume of e-mail is small - Typically less than one a week.
  2. The bmad-devel-l mailing list is for programmers. This list is used to report code changes, bugs, etc. The volume of e-mail is typically less than once a week.

SLACK Workspace

There is a SLACK workspace for Bmad where people can post questions, bug reports, etc. To join, follow the link here

please send email to David Sagan (see below for address) if there are porblems.

Bmad Troubleshooting Web Page

Report a Problem with Bmad

  • Report problem via the Bmad issue tracking system (requires GitHub login).
  • Contact David Sagan (dcs16 AT cornell.edu).
  • For CMake issues when using a Cornell CLASSE computer, send a problem or bug report to Attilio De Falco <service-classe AT cornell.edu>
  • Please provide the output of the following commands, in the SAME terminal session that the build fails:
    [ -z $DIST_F90 ] && type $ACC_SET_F_COMPILER || type $DIST_F90
    [ -z $DIST_F90 ] && $ACC_SET_F_COMPILER --version || $DIST_F90 --version
    type gcc
    gcc --version
    uname -a
    cat ~/.bashrc
    cat ~/.bash_profile
    cat ~/.profile

CLASSE ACC Mailing List

There is an ACC Code mailing list ( classe-acc-comp-l ) to which you can subscribe in order to stay up-to-date on the status of ACC Build System,Release rotations, and other important information. This is a low frequency mailing list (typically less than 1 email a week) and is mainly for information about the Lab computer system.

This is for reporting problems concerning the Lab computer system

CLASSE General Assistance

  • For Repository and build help, contact the ACC Code Librarians (cesrulib AT cornell.edu). The Librarians are:
    • Attilio De Falco
    • Mike Forster
    • Laurel Bartnik
    • David Sagan

General CLASSE Computer Information

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