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Minutes for September 08, 2006

  • Present: D.Bougie,M.Palmer, C.Strohman, E.Tanke, T.Wilksen
  • Today is Huberts' last day at Cornell. Jamie will be continuing his work pertaining to constants. The allocation manager has been checked out; for the next 6 months the plan is to keep it running in its present form (i.e. no development, just maintenance, if needed).
    • Huberts' cbi work directory is /cdat/solsda/disk2/development/hubert/cesr . It contains the files cbi_alloclib_specs.txt and cbi_constlib_specs.txt with the specification of the alloclib and constlib systems. The constlib part was never fully fleshed out. The cbi_mgr directory contains a copy of the VMS cbi_mgr program, as written by Charlie and modified by Hubert. This has not been checked in to the cvs. BeamInstSupport is a cvs checkout of the corresponding module, with an additional directory cbi_constlib, which has not been added to the cvs. It contains the basic hooks for the other constants handling routines Hubert developed, which are located in CesrBPM_II/bpm_II_constlib and CesrBSM/bsm_constlib. Those two are also not checked in.
  • Greg Soltis will soon be leaving too, but is still available for questions and other help as needed
  • Discussion on ERL BPM related software:
    • For the short term the plan is to run an IOC on the Coldfire, for the long run one would use CBI_net with a soft IOC. Tim estimates it would take one week (full time) to get the former to work. Mark suggests that following this, we could test the IOC on a BPM DSP unit in the DAQlab to address possible reliability issues.
    • It is planned to install the first ERL BPM hardware by mid October; this will require a functional Coldfire. Regarding coding, the idea would be to have the DSP calculate positions and to provide of the order of 6 bits of data and a time stamp; these data could then be passed on to the control system through the Coldfire.
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