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Minutes for May 19, 2006

  • Mike Watkins: The fitting code now works and has been used this week for machine studies involving the BSM. Have started to write some documentation, which will be placed on a TWIKI page.
  • Jamie Kern: Have been working on a parser code, which produces workable code and header files. Am currently validating its functionality, and in so doing have found a couple of problems. The next test will be made on the CBPM code.
  • Mark Palmer: After this one will need this further to the FLM and BSM code.
  • Devin Bougie: There has been a succefuil disk replacement on LNX180C
  • Hubert Schwarthoff: Currently fixing a bug in the CBI manager and working together with Greg on some problems with MPMnet (but no problems in vxputn, vxgetn, vuputn, vugetn). Also still working on constants files.
  • Greg Soltis: Next week is my last week here; will return around 1-Sep-2006. Have written guidelines as to how to use the MPMnet library, how to compile, build against it etc. Documentation will be on a TWIKI page.
  • Charlie Strohman: Will be absent the 2nd and the 4th week of June. Have been ordering more digital boards. We will also have another tigersharc license.
  • Mark Palmer: For the BSM23W, a shutter and a spare have been ordered. In terms of PC boards, we have 2 more of those in hand, which need to be made to work. We would like to try to install a shutter at BSM23W during the June shutdown.
  • Eugene Tanke: Have been participating in Machine Studies such as Ecloud experiments. Have validated code that operates the new shutter arrangement at BSM23E.
  • Tim Wilksen: COLDFIRE ethernet software basically works now; there are no more hangups in the system. What is needed next is a full blown test.
  • Mark Palmer:
    • In the near future we will need the capabilty of doing BSM acquisition through the ethernet from lnx180c; we will need the ethernet communication software for this. The control functionality would remain through XBUS, but (large) data packets would go through ethernet.
    • BPM schedule for ERL: We will need to install about 4 BPMs (striplines) in R128 by early fall. Testing will be performed prior to this: we will be installing BPM hardware in the linac during the coming shutdown. The read-out electronics hardware will essentially be the same as what we use now in CESR.
  • Tim Wilksen: In view of ERL, we need to test the IOC, which already runs on the COLDFIRE with EPICS.
-- EugeneTanke - 19 May 2006
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