Function/File Name    
AddMarkerSymbols add symbols to plot markers: .,x,+,^,h,s  
ApplyGainCorrectionToButtons Adjust button values, based on Gain corrections, taking from BPM_INST_Params.cfg, on Feb 20 2012  
ca A script to close all open figure windows  
CheckErrors Determine if the error contained in the parameter or input "me" is a memory error  
CheckRawDataFileValidity Verify is the RD file specified by FullFileName is a valid raw data file or not.  
ClosePlot close a figure , set some globals  
ComputeBiggestYScaleUsingMedian Compute a Min and Max for data list, using the median and quartiles of the of each array in the data list  
ComputeYScaleUsingMedian Compute a Min and Max for data, using the median and quartiles of the data  
concat_proc_files.py (not a matlab function) Concatenate multiple CBPM process data files  
ConcatLists concatenate two lists  
ConditionalPause Function that pauses MATLAB IF there is a 1 in this file: DoPause.txt  
DetectOverUnderFlow plot a dot on the screen for each data point that goes above or below the currently chosen scaling  
DisplayBPMData Plot data in RD file for a specific bpm ID  
DisplayFigOnebyOne Display each figure, then pause and wait for a key to be press to display the next one  
DispSpecialRaw Plot data from RD file fileid, for bpm ID (DispSpecial means that this was designed as a top level function, called by the user directly.)  
DoPause.txt used by ConditionalPause  
fakeGrep Search through text file for a string  
FindBPMIndex Convert BPM name to BPM index (1-120)  
FuncOfList Apply function to each element of list  
GetDefaultAxesColorOrder uses MATLAB's DefaultAxesColorOrder - to get color for plot lines  
GetDefaultFigurePositions Determine positions for plots, used by GetPlot  
getmemusage.c Get MATLAB usage of memory, see here: http://www.umbc.edu/hpcf/resources-tara-2013/how-to-run-matlab.html, search for "Checking memory in Matlab programs"  
getmemusage.mexa64 compiled from getmemusage  
GetOptimalSubPlotDimensions Return optimal subplot dimensions, give a certain number of plots to plot  
GetPlot open a figure  
getStructVal Returns either InputStruct.Field, or if that field doesn't exist, then return defaultValue  
LineWrap Separate a single string into multiple strings  
ListEnabledBunches Determine which bunches are enabled in the cbpm_file_bunch_pattern_m  
MapBPMIndexAndName Map BPM Index to BPM Name  
memory.c used by getmemusage  
memory.h used by getmemusage  
mgsVxgetn vxgetn function for MATLAB, if optionalE1 and optionalE2 weren't specified, automatically determine largest range  
NumInstrumentsInFile extract BPM names from RD file fileid  
openMPM open a MPM connection using the connection name MGSTEST  
PlotFFT Display an FFT plot  
PlotOrbitFromRaw Plot an orbit from a raw RD file  
PlotSimple Description: Plot a X,Y, or just Y function  
PlotSimpleListSubPlots Plot X vs. Y's: Y{1}, Y{2}, ...  
PlotSimpleSubPlots Plot X vs. Y's: Y(:,1), Y(:,2), ...  
PlotSimpleSurface Plot a 2D function as a surface  
PlotSimpleYY Plot 2 X,Y functions on the same plot  
PlotUpdatedFiles used by UpdateProcFileList and UpdateRawFileList  
ProcessTurnByTurn Plot Turn by Turn Data, this saves the workspace or .mat file that is read in /home/mgs9/vmgs9/MATLAB/ProcessTurnByTurn.m  
ProcFiles.mat used by UpdateProcFileList.m  
PutPlotAtIndex Move Plot to the position specified by position_index  
Quartile Create a dataset from input array, and report quartile values  
RawFileDiagnostics Function for determining where the Location field is, where the Data begins, and where it ends, in the Raw Data File.  
RawFiles.mat used by UpdateRawFileList.m  
ReadInProcessFile Function to extract information from PROC file, used by UpdateProcFileList  
ReadInRawDataFile Read in RD data file and save data to .mat MATLAB workspace file  
ReadInRawDataFileComplete Read in RD data file (either by number of file or full file pathname) and save (even more) data to .mat MATLAB workspace file  
ReplaceNANArrayElementsWithValue MATLAB can't plot arrays that have NAN for one or more of the elements,
so this function replaces all those NANs with specified number
ResetPause Reset the DoPause.txt file back to 0, so function ConditionalPause will NOT pause when executed  
SaveFigure Save a figure to a file  
SetDefaultAxesColorOrder uses MATLAB's DefaultAxesColorOrder - to set color for plot lines  
SetPositionForNextPlot change the position index for the next figure to be created by GetPlot  
SetupCbpmfileioAPI Set up library access to cbpmfio API  
ShowAllPlots display every matlab figure window currently open (that used <nop>GetPlot to open)  
Test_Everything Should have a function call to every high level MATLAB function in the directory. Currently has SOME of them.  
UpdateProcFileList Function used to add to the file: ProcFiles.mat, which stores which BPMs have data stored in which Process Data files  
UpdateRawFileList Gather data on RD files from CBPM.  

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