The situation:

Someone comes to you and says that they have noticed a BAD BPM.

2 cases:

1) can't talk to it
  • - ping it
    • - if you can ping it:
      • - dsp might be disabled (enable it)
        • you can use this script: ~mgs9/vmgs9/scripts/INPUT_xbusenableDSP
      • - powercycle it (can use cbic or do it by hand)
        • you can use this script: ~mgs9/vmgs9/scripts/INPUT_powercycle
      • -reflash it (which also re-enables the dsp)
        • (can use cbic or do it by hand), "flash <hostnumber> $CESR_ONLINE/instr/CBPM/ops/CBPM_II.ldr"
  • if ping fails but you can connect with xbus, you know power is getting to the instrument, in which case, if reflashing and power cycling doesn't help, wait for an access and replace BPM
  • If xbus fails as well, then power probably can't get to the instrument
    • if there are a bunch of BPMs out in one area then there might be a problem with a block power supply.
    • if there is just one BPM out, then there is likely a problem with the individual supply
  • if ping and you're not sure what is going on, you can try connecting to instrument through the MOXA server
  • If after enabling DSP, power cycling, verifying Block supply is on, and reflashing, CBIC still can't reliably connect (or connect at all) to BPM through cbi_net,
    • you'll probably need to wait for an access to go check on the status of the BPM.
2) don't like what it says
  • could be saturated
    • - take time scan through the CBIC server (select just the one instrument, then user Menu item 11 to take a time scan)
    • - curve will go flat if saturated
  • maybe times out
    • - sometimes will return data but zeros
  • could be not timed in
Some information about the Error recovery as implemented by CBIC:


-- MatthewStedinger - 29 Jan 2015
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