CBPM II Utilities

Several utilities exist to control the set up and non-acquisition / preprocessing behavior of the CBPM II units.

Name Environment Location Notes
RESET_BSM23x.COM VMS [CESR.PALMER.TS101.COM] CYCLES POWER of a unit. x is either E or W depending on unit's location in the ring.
DL_BSM23x.COM VMS [CESR.PALMER.TS101.BSM] Loads a standard BSM DSP .ldr file into the remote unit at a given location.
telnet <MOXA addr.> port 950 system system Activates Ethernet Communications Once connected, type go to reactivate the unit's ethernet link.
SHUTTER_ENDLESS_OPEN VMS [CESR.PALMER.TS101.BSM] OPENS BSM Shutter Interactive, follow prompts.
GET_DSP_LV.COM VMS [CESR.PALMER.TS101.COM] Reads LDR name and Flash Date from DSP directly, reporting their contents. Accepts two arguments: <3-letter XBUS node> <element_#>
VEC_PAT_PST_TEST VMS [CESR.PALMER.TS101.TEST_CONTROLS] Tests vector and packet addresses
MEMORY_TEST VMS [CESR.PALMER.TS101.TEST_CONTROLS] Reads and writes data to one SRAM address in an infinite loop.
PAT_PATM_TEST_V4 VMS [CESR.PALMER.TS101.TEST_CONTROLS] Test the Packet More Address Table (DSP board programming V4). Load the sram using test_sram. Reads the sram back and tests against data expected.

Name Environment Location Notes
VSIZE VMS USER$DISK:[CESR.VSIZE] Program by J.Sikora. Put link to full documentation here...
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