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Checklist for New Operators
Things to Do

  • Onboarding Appointment (East Hill Office Building)
    • Parking Permit
    • Cornell ID
    • Benefits
  • Visit User Office (2nd floor Wilson Lab)
    • Get a mailbox
    • Get picture taken
    • Set up UserDB profile
    • Activate ID for building access
    • Allstaff account, added to People Calendar
  • Set up desk, computer, purchase necessary office supplies from stockroom
  • Meet with IT staff about computer orientation, samba share
  • Take CHESS User Exam and get a temporary radiation badge
  • Tour of Wilson Lab
  • Tour of the tunnel
  • Flex Time Bank (Katie Moring)
  • Visit Purchasing Office
  • Intro to ERL
  • Visit Newman Lab
  • Visit JBC (warehouse off campus)
  • Learn to use beamphone
  • Learn to pick up/make outside calls
  • Learn about Kronos/Replicon, if needed
Meetings to Attend:
  • CHESS Morning Meeting (Rm 141 at 8:30am M, Tu, W, F)
  • CHESS Staff Meeting (Rm 374 at 8:30am Thursdays)
  • CHESS-U Meetings (Rm 374 at 1pm Mondays)
  • CHESS Design Meeting (Rm 374 at 3pm Mondays)
  • Weekend Wrap-up (Rm 141 at 8:45am Mondays during CHESS running periods)
  • Operator Scheduling Meeting (as scheduled – usually a few weeks before a CHESS run begins)
  • CESR Operations Meeting (Rm 301 at 9am Thursdays)
    • Do not need to attend this meeting regularly, but go to one to see what it is like

Forms to Fill Out
  • Request for a staff radiation badge (found on CLASSE Safety Handbook – Radiation – Request Badge)
  • Permission to drive Cornell vehicles (online/Monica Wesley)
  • Steel-toed shoe reimbursement (Katie Moring)
  • Prescription Safety Glasses reimbursement (Katie Moring)
  • P-card form, if needed
Usernames and Passwords
  • Net ID/E-mail (Onboarding Appointment)
  • CLASSE username/password (CLASSE IT)
  • Allstaff username/password (User Office)
  • Elog username/password (CLASSE Credentials)
  • Webboard Archive username/password (Shijie Yang)
  • Specadm and Specuser passwords (Chris Conolly)
  • CHESS User Database account (you can create this yourself)
  • Code for badge cabinet (Katie Moring)
  • Code for gas cylinder storage (Katie Moring)
  • Code for other locked boxes (jumpers, cabinet in 141, keys) (Katie Moring)
Safety/Operational Training
  • See REF-SAF-001, Required Safety Training for CHESS Operators for required safety training
  • See REF-OPS-005, CHESS Operator Training for operational training topics
  • Access Safety Training Database
“Free Time”/Desk Time
For the first few months you will spend most of your time shadowing other operators and completing required trainings. Always feel free at any time to tag along with someone working on a project to learn more about it. Other things to work on when you are not shadowing someone:
  • Complete Online Safety Training through EH&S (See REF-SAF-001)
  • Familiarize yourself with AllStaff
  • Read over and familiarize yourself with the CHESS Document Control
    • Some SOPs may be difficult to understand before you have had training on the systems. Safety SOPs are a good group of procedures to start with.
  • Familiarize yourself with Workday
  • Familiarize yourself with the CLASSE Safety Handbook
  • Familiarize yourself with the CHESS User Database
Revision History
Rev. 1 – Initial Document (6/8/12 KM)
Rev. 2 – Added CHESS Machine Shop Training to Classes/Safety Training (6/7/13 KM)
Rev. 3 – Added Meetings section. Removed Safety training session into new document (REF-SAF-001). Added “Free Time” section. (3/28/14 KM)
Rev. 4 – Removed step for getting long distance calling code. Changed some names for whom to see about usernames and passwords from Ernie to Shijie (6/22/15 KM)
Rev. 5 – Added CHESS U meeting, removed webboard username/pw, added items to “free time” (4/25/16 KMM)
Rev. 6 – Changed time for CHESS U meeting. (8/15/16 KMM)
Rev. 7 – Reorganized some items, broke down what happens at Onboarding and User Office. Added: Webboard username, JBC, meet with IT, using beamphone (8/31/16 KMM)
Rev. 8 – Changed time for CHESS U meeting. Operational items that Chris Conolly used to handle, changed to Katie Moring (KMM 2/9/17)

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