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CHESS On-Call Instructions and Lists
This document is used by the CHESS Operator to determine who to call for suggestions and/or help in solving problems that hinder the smooth and efficient operation of the lab and/or prevent users from collecting data. Any time a call is made for support it should be logged on the Elog. If CHESS causes CESR to be shut down, call Chris Conolly or Katie Moring immediately. If CESR will be down for longer than one hour, for any reason, call Chris Conolly or Katie Moring to notify.
When Issues Arise on Shift
With any user question, equipment failure, or emergency, the CHESS Operator must:

  1. Assess the problem or situation
  2. Work to solve the problem
  3. Document the problem and the solution or outcome on the Elog.
When on duty, the CHESS Operator represents the entire CHESS staff and has the responsibility to oversee the lab and make sure that user research is carried out unhindered by equipment failure. The shift operator decides what is and isn't an emergency and may use this list to determine who to call for support. If a beamline or station will have an interruption for more than a half hour, the operator should call for advice (regardless of the time of day).
Phone Number Lists
Off-site phone numbers for CHESS, MacCHESS, and G-line personnel are posted at the CHESS User Office, on AllStaff, and at the CHESS Ops desk. This list is private and should never be left out for users to access.
Off-site phone numbers for CESR staff can be found in the CESR control room. CESR experts can be called in by the CESR Operator or by Chris Conolly, if needed.
On-Call Personnel
For each user running period there will be assigned staff from CHESS, MacCHESS and G-line to be on-call for research support.
CHESS on-call:
CHESS Technical Staff, Station Scientists, Chris Conolly (Katie Moring as backup) -- see following sections for details
There is an “on-call” calendar on AllStaff which will be used to keep track of which CHESS on-call personnel are out of town. Someone who is available to reach by phone but cannot come in to work should be entered as “mobile.” Someone who cannot take phone calls or come in to work should be listed as “unavailable.”

!MacCHESS on-call:
Call Support Specialists on-call first – they will determine if the scientist needs to be called.
Support Specialists (technical issues): Rotates between Bill Miller, Scott Smith, Mike Cook, Irina Kriksunov
Scientists (data issues): Rotates between Marian Szebenyi, David Schuller, Richard Gillilan, Aaron Finke, Quinqui Huang
G-line on-call:
Arthur Woll; Richard Gillilan for SAXS at G1
Note: Chris Conolly is the “last resort” backup and authority. When support is needed, the technical staff and station scientists, or MacCHESS on-call (when appropriate) should be called before calling Chris for advice on technical matters. All questions regarding policy and in relation to CESR should immediately be directed to Chris.
Station Scientists


MacCHESS, or Stan Stoupin


Darren Pagan


Jacob Ruff


Rong Huang


Zhongwu Wang


Richard Gillilan/Jesse Hopkins for SAXS
Arthur Woll for other


Ken Finkelstein


Arthur Woll


Detlef Smilgies


Arthur Woll


On-Call List by Equipment/Team
Emergencies and Safety
CHESS Safety Committee:
Dana Richter - CHESS Safety Committee Chair and Mechanical, Chemical Expertise
Marian Szebenyi - Biological Expertise
Aaron Finke – Backup biological expertise
Katie Moring - Chemical Use, Glovebox, User Check-in and Check-out
Kurt McDonald – Chemical Use, Glovebox, User Check-in and Check-out
Aimee Kellicutt – Chemical Use, Glovebox, User Check-in and Check-out
Ken Finkelstein
For interlock problems, call Dana Richter first, then Mike Ray if needed
Note : For any major emergencies (such as a fire, major flood, injury to staff or user), or for an event that causes a significant loss of user beam time, notify Ernie Fontes, Joel Brock, and Chris Conolly.
Power Outage
If there is a power outage that shuts CESR down and prevents CESR from quickly starting up, contact Chris Conolly and Katie Moring. If CHESS experiences a power outage and systems shut down, also contact Phil Sorenson, Chris Whiting, and MacCHESS On-Call (or backups if they are unavailable). Other technical staff may be called in as needed to assist in recovering systems.
Handling Injuries/Emergencies (Fires, Chemical Spills, Radiation):
  1. If there is an injury, attend to the victim with the first aid kit and call 911 if necessary
  2. Notify CESR Operator of emergencies
  3. Notify Chris Conolly of any injuries or emergencies. Ernie Fontes and Joel Brock may be called as well for greater emergencies/more severe situations.
  4. Call appropriate Safety Team members listed above, if needed
Safety Questions and Concerns (Interlocks, Status Panels, Logic Jumpering, Biological, Electrical, User Questions):
  1. For issues with hazardous materials at stations, call the Safety Officer assigned to the proposal (information can be found on white board in Ops or in Hazardous Proposal binder)
  2. Call appropriate Safety Team Members listed above if needed
  3. Notify CESR Operator of major safety concerns or issues with interlocks, etc. that may prevent CESR from running
  4. Safety issues relating to Wilson Lab in general should be directed to Brian Heltsley
Oxygen Sensors:
  1. Call Bill Miller
  2. If Bill cannot be reached, contact MacCHESS on-call
F2 Cryo System:
  1. Call Eric Edwards
On-call team: Chris Conolly, Ernie Fontes, Katie Moring, Dana Richter
If CHESS causes CESR to be shut down a call should immediately be made to Chirs Conolly or Katie Moring.
If CESR will be down for longer than one hour, for any reason (caused by CHESS or not), call Chris Conolly or Katie Moring to notify.
Machine Troubles due to CESR probelm:
  1. Call CESR Operator for details (CESR Op will call appropriate experts as needed)
  2. Call Team members listed above if needed
  3. Call Chris Conolly for general issues relating to CESR (extended access, running changes)
CHESS Feedback, Beam Position Monitors
  1. Chris Conolly
  2. Zak Brown
  1. Eric Edwards
  1. Aaron Lyndaker
  2. Sasha Temnykh
Beamline front-end/other tunnel access work
  1. Assess problem and refer to specialty team personnel (vacuum, electronics, etc)
  2. Contact Aaron Lyndaker for issues with A-line front-end
Facility, Electrical, and Mechanical
Call Dana Richter for problems with facility supplies (water, electrical, compressed gasses, and exhaust systems)

On-call team: Chris Whiting, Katie Moring backup
Vacuum related beamline issues, vacuum optic box issues, user vacuum needs:
  1. Call team members listed above
  2. Work requiring CESR tunnel access must be coordinated by CESR Operations group
Vacuum Control Systems
  1. Contact Chris Whiting
Computers and Networking
On-call team: Phil Sorensen, Shijie Yang, Marian Szebenyi, Dave Schuller, Richard Gillilan
!MacCHESS computers, CCD detectors, crystallography software (at A1 and F1 stations, sometimes G1):
  1. Call MacCHESS on-call (scientist or support specialists)
  2. Call MacCHESS team members listed above (M. Szebenyi, D. Schuller, R. Gillilan)
CHESS Computers: Staff, Public, Operations, and Stations
  1. Call CHESS team members listed above (P. Sorensen, S. Yang)
    1. If a problem requires CLASSE-IT to get involved, Phil or Shijie will make the decision on who to contact
  2. Issues involving station computer interface to electronics may be directed to Electronics group (see below)
Signal Monitoring Systems
  1. Phil Sorensen
  2. Zak Brown (EPICS Display)
  3. Chris Whiting (UEI)
Electronics and X-Ray Detectors
X-Ray Detectors
On call team: Zak Brown, Phil Sorenson, station scientists
  1. Call station scientist if user has data collection questions
  2. Call Zak Brown for detector support
  3. Call Phil Sorenson for backup if Zak is unavailable
Station electronics, motor drivers, VME, NIM, MOSTAB
On Call team: Eric Edwards
  1. Call station scientist if user has data collection questions
  2. Call team member listed above for other issues
Station Optics/Tune-Up
On-call team: Station scientist, followed by Chris Conolly, Tom Krawczyk, and Arthur Woll (G-line)
The station scientist should be the first point of contact for issues with station monochromators, optics alignment, or associated hardware. For G-line issues, contact A. Woll. Then, if necessary, contact C. Conolly.
Station/User Support
On-call team:
Station Scientist (always call first)
Chris Conolly
Katie Moring
Ernie Fontes
Irinia Kriksunov (for F1 scheduling issues)
Scheduling changes, priorities, and running problems
  1. Notify MacCHESS on-call person for changes at MacCHESS stations
  2. Call station scientist
  3. Call on-call team listed above
User Database
On-call team: Kathy Dedrick
If a user group that is not on the schedule wants to check in, contact Kathy. If Kathy is not able to be reached, contact the station scientist.
Contact Kathy for issues regarding building access for users, scheduling questions, or any other issues with the database.
Rev. 1 – Initial document, based off of 8.6 CHESS Call List from old training site (KM 4/29/14)
Rev. 2 – Updates to include new equipment and remove info about rotating CHESS On-call (KM 9/29/14)
Rev. 3 – Changed wording in safety section for clarification. Added info about calendar to keep track of who is out of town (KM 10/7/14)
Rev. 4 – Removed Aimee Kellicutt from Safety Committee. Re-organized call order for MacCHESS issues. (KM 3/16/15)
Rev. 5 – Added sentence to call Chris Conolly and Ernie Fontes if CESR will be down for longer than one hour. Added Chris Conolly to list for VBPM support (KM 4/3/15)
Rev. 6 – Removed D. Dale from safety committee list and F2 scientist list. Added K. Mcdonald to safety committee list. Added section about user database. Added Zak to VBPM list (KM 3/18/16)
Rev. 7 – Removed Bob Seeley from document. Added Katie Moring as backup for vacuum issues. (KMM 4/25/16)
Rev. 8 – Removed Tiit Lukk and Peter Revez from on-call duties. Added Aaron Finke, Stan Stoupin, Jesse Hopkins, Aimee Kellicutt and Darren Pagan for on-call duties. Added Katie Moring as back-up in several sections, and removed Ernie Fontes from several sections. (KMM 1/23/17)

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