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2007 ILC Damping Rings Mini-Workshop

18-20 December, 2007
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization
KEK, Tsukuba, Japan

On behalf of the ILC Damping Rings Area Group, you are invited to attend the 2007 Damping Rings Mini-Workshop at KEK. The goals of the workshop are to provide an opportunity for discussion of progress in R&D for the ILC damping rings in the areas of:
  • Electron Cloud
  • Fast Injection/Extraction Kickers
  • Impedance and Impedance Effects
and to review plans for further R&D in these areas through the ILC Engineering Design Phase.

Conveners for the parallel sessions are: Please feel free to contact them if you would like to make a presentation.

Workshop Poster

Registration Information

  • Participants must first register as a KEK User before registering for the workshop itself:
    • KEK User Registration
    • The following information should be entered with respect to project and affiliation on the registration form:
      • Project: Research ATF(Accelarator)
      • Type of work: ATF
      • Project leader name: Junji Urakawa
      • Project leader affiliation: KEK
      • Project leader position / title: Prof.
      • Contact section in KEK: Accelerator Laboratory(ILC)
      • Contact person in KEK: Tomiko Shirakata
      • Period: 2007/12/xx - 2007/12/yy
      • Radiation: No
      • Host Researcher: Junji Urakawa

  • Once registered as a KEK User:
    • Particpants should send an email to Tomiko Shirakata and Andy Wolski to confirm their participation in the workshop. Please let us know:
      • Dates of arrival and departure
      • Whether you need a visa to enter Japan
      • VISA information
    • Participants can arrange for accommodations, wireless access, and visa documents by following the instructions on the User Information web page.
    • Please note that dorm rooms at KEK cannot be reserved more than 45 days in advance.
    • There will be a registration fee of 5,000 Yen, payable in cash on arrival at the workshop.


The Excel format agenda also gives talk titles and a full list of participants.
  • Latest version of the workshop agenda Excel or pdf (14 Dec 2007)
  • Workshop Banquet:
    • Date: Wednesday, December 19th, 6:00 p.m.
    • Location: Sansuitei

WebEx Connection

We intend to make a WebEx connection (by phone and internet) available.

Travel and Accommodations

Information on travel and accommodations is available from:

Links to hotels in Tsukuba:


An archive of all ILCDR07_KEK talks will be maintained on the ILC Damping Rings web-site.

Organizing Committee:
J. Gao (IHEP)
S. Guiducci (INFN-LNF)
T. Mattison (UBC)
M. Palmer (Cornell)
M. Pivi (SLAC)
J. Urakawa (KEK)
M. Venturini (LBNL)
N. Walker (DESY)
A. Wolski (Cockcroft Institute)

Logos and photos courtesy of KEK
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