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Project: Highly segmented electromagnetic calorimeter

Contact: Paul Dauncey ( Imperial College London , UK ) mail

System: Calorimetry

Assisting Panel Member: Jean-Claude Brient

Participating Institutions: - (participating individuals)
  • Birmingham University
  • Cambridge University
  • LPC-Clermont
  • LPSC-Grenoble
  • Kangnung National University
  • Imperial College London
  • London University College
  • Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Manchester University
  • Orsay LAL
  • Palaiseau LLR
  • Palaiseau PICM
  • IP-Prague
  • Moscow State University
  • Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
  • Seoul EWHA University
  • Seoul Yonsei University
  • Suwon Sungkyunkwan University

Detector Concept Affiliation: SiD, LDC

web page:

recent presentations/publications:
  • presentation by G. Gaycken, Vienna, November 2005 : (pdf)
  • presentation by G. Mavromanolakis, Vienna, November 2005 : (pdf)
  • presentation by Julien Fleury, Vienna, November 2005 : (pdf)

publicity graphics
faisceau 20003.jpg collage 20028.jpg 2electronjs-inprototype.jpg FLC-PHY3-LAL.jpg CRC-DAQboard.jpg
The first stack of the prototype Assembling silicon wafers on a PCB Display of 2 electron showers in the prototype Design view of thr VFE chip: FLC-PHY3 DAQ Readout Board

Research Statement