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Julia Thom-Levy

Associate Professor, Physics 395 Physical Sciences Building, Cornell University Ithaca, New York, USA 14853-5001 +1-607-255-4093


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A blog by my colleague Tommaso Dorigo:

on twitter: @CERN and @CMSexperiment

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I am a Particle Physics Experimentalist, and my research focuses on data analysis at the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. I joined the CMS experiment in 2005. I am also a collaborator on the CDF experiment at the Tevatron (Fermi National Accelerator Center), where I was a postdoc before I came to Cornell. I was a graduate student on the SLD experiment at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, and I worked at HERA (Deutsche Electron Synchroton, DESY) as an undergraduate student at the University of Hamburg.

The LHC is colliding protons at the highest energies ever reached with accelerators- a new energy scale that opens up the exciting possibility of great scientific discoveries. Explanations for the origin of electroweak symmetry breaking, the existence of dark matter, and the discovery of supersymmetric particles are finally within our reach. Together with my research group we are searching for new phenomena, such as signatures of processes involving dark matter. To search for these signatures, we are preparing for measurements in several channels, most of them involving "missing energy" in the detector from the dark matter candidate.

I am also interested in R&D for novel pixel detectors, to be used at future detectors at the Super-LHC or the International Linear Collider. Our sensitivity to New Physics depends critically on our ability to track particles with very high precision in a very challenging environment. Currently, most of this work is taking place at the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility.

My research group consists of myself, one postdoc at CERN, three graduate students (at Fermilab, Cornell and CERN), and 3 Undergraduate students. I am collaborating closely with colleagues at Cornell, CERN, and Fermilab.

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In the picture (from left to right): graduate student Susan Dittmer, Julia Thom-Levy, graduate student Gala Kaufman, undergraduate student Christine Mucchiati, and undergraduate student Ivette Planell. Not pictured here: graduate student Walter Hopkins, postdoc Luke Winstrom, undergraduate student Camilla Dagum, and graduate student Yao Weng.

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