Timing setup is presently: 5 [14ns_FIX_G]

 This shifts the waveform sample point on
 BLOCK A and B for all active instruments 0.4ns (40 computer units)
 later in time to examine the waveform zero-crossing point.

 This is only accurate for the FIXED GAIN amplifier mode.

 The undo this change, you must restart the program.
Do you wish to proceed [y/n]? [n]: y
Sending updated parameters...
Prep() function status = 0
--Copying and transferring structure set...
--Initializing command...
--Executing command...
--Waiting for handshake completion...
<ctacf018>   CMD_DONE  (3)
--Post function loop...
Block delays = 648   1044

[INFO  | 07/28/14 16:26:04]:
 == Enable FG Zero-Crossing Sample Point Command Status Summary ==

 Instrument    Location    Active            Status           | Instrument    Location    Active            Status           |
  ctacf018      20E          *     (0) SUCCESS                |
[INFO  | 07/28/14 16:26:04]  Begin post-command status check/recovery:   ...

-- MatthewStedinger - 28 Jul 2014
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