BunchPattern Corruption

  • Investigation file: C:\Users\mgs9\Desktop\Desktop Files\BunchPatterns.xlsx

CBIC Matlab Functions

Current Monitor

  • Startup CBIC in currently monitor mode: ../production/bin/cbic -a Literal:12W2 -c
  • Startup CBIC in currently monitor mode, using test MPM Mnemonics: ../production/bin/cbic -a Literal:BPM_TEST3 -c -i


  • function to save orbit in format Lorraine Bobb wanted: ProcessRawForBPMs.m
  • located here: nfs/acc/user/mgs9/MATLAB/ProcessRawForBPMs.m
  • command to run: cbic [...] -w, to go directly into position monitor mode. Or Menu item 41.
  • currently (1/27/2015), this command will demonstrate PositionMonitor functionality:
    • check out a local copy of the code with the command: svn co $ACCR/CESR/branches/BPMPositionMonitorODR_29778/
    • set up the compiling environment with the command: devel
    • change to the newly checked-out directory with the command: cd BPMPositionMonitorODR_29778
    • build the executable with the command: ./make_all
    • chnage to the CBIC directory with the command: cd CBIC
    • run CBIC with the command: ../production/bin/cbic -a Literal:BPM_TEST3 -w


  • cbpm_tbt_ - a C version of "do cbpm_tbt_positions/cbpm_tbt_electrons"
  • take_orbit - uses the MPM to tell the BPM servers to take an orbit, data is stored in MPM but no file written
  • take_phase - uses the MPM to tell the BPM servers to take a phase measurement (I don't know if this is useful or not, I was just testing stuff)
  • test_instr_triggering - code used to test BPM triggering, the functions were then used by Lorraine for ODR


Linac Phase

  • /home/mgs9/mgs9/checkedout_32106_andTriggerDuration
  • /home/mgs9/vmgs9/xfer_bpm_dir/xfer_bpm


MATLAB General

Matthew's Directory structure

  • Lots of useful MATLAB code: /home/mgs9/vmgs9/MATLAB (it's checked in here: https://accserv.lepp.cornell.edu/cgi-bin/view.cgi/?root=MGS9 )
  • /nfs/acc/user/mgs9/files_from_Win7/Documents
  • /nfs/acc/user/mgs9/files_from_Win7/Desktop Files
  • /nfs/acc/user/mgs9/files_from_Win7/Downloads
  • N: = \\samba\CESR_ONLINE
  • F: = \\samba\CESR_OFFLINE
  • V: = \\samba\accuser\mgs9
  • U: = \\samba\acctemp\mgs9

  • \\samba\accuser\mgs9\mgs9 Stuff - a lot of stuff here
  • \\samba\acctemp\mgs9\aFromDesktopComputer\mgs9- a lot of stuff here as well

Rendina's Directory structure

  • \\samba\accuser\mcr\doc\instrumentation\BPM\Procedures_and_HOWTOs

Matthew SVN Code

    • branches
      • BPMPositionMonitorODR _29778
      • BPM_DSP_27422
      • BPMRing_27943
      • BPMCurrentMonitor _29313
    • CESR_instr
      • xfer_bpm
      • CesrBPM - code used by CBPM-I, but also by cesrv and others for MPM control of BPMs
      • BeamInstSupport
      • BeamInstParser
      • instr_utils
    • CESR_progs
      • hom
      • CBPM - python code - was the start of a redo of all of CBIC
      • cbpmfio
    • CESR_services
      • CBIC

-- MatthewStedinger - 15 Jan 2015
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