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CBETA Accelerator Physics How to Get Latest Lattice Three types of tables for the 1 pass and 4 pass ERLs have been provided by Scott Berg here:
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CBETA Beam Commissioning Plan Overview * CBETA Commissioning Planning * Shift schedule (short term and big picture goals) Link to GoogleDoc * COMMISSI...
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CBETA Controls General * Naming Convention * Magnet Polarity Convention
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CBETA FFAG Magnets and Girders Halbach Magnet Measurement and Tuning * Summary results of production run (Stephen Brooks): CBETA note 035 * Magnet measurem...
CBETA Fractional Arc Test Magnet and Beam Pipe Layout The magnet and beam pipe layout for the fractional arc test splitter line and first FFAG girder is defined ...
CBETA Instrumentation Beam Position Monitor System Diagram of Frequencies * CBETA_Frequencies.pdf (J. Dobbins, 04/02/2019) Bunch Pattern Generator * Block ...
* CBETA Financial Reports * CBETA Financial Reports * CBETA Financial Reports * CBETA_Quarterly_Report_Feb_2017_final.pdf: Quarterly Report to NYSE...
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CBETA Project Management, WBS 1.01 Technical meeting material, Monday, September 18, 2017: * Meeting presentation (MIlestones Scheduling Sep 18 2017.pptx) ...
CBETA Splitters Splitter line magnet polarity convention For bipolar dipole magnets: * Horizontal: Positive current = beam to the outside of the ring * Ver...
Report on the NYSERDA Contract Introduction Contract Essential Milestones ...
CBETA Supporting Documents and Presentations CBETA Publications and tech notes can be found elsewhere at the links below * Publicatons: https://www.classe.cor...
CBETA System Integration New Mezzanine Layout * new mezzanine layout drawing Shielding Block Layout Options The shielding design is expected to require 2 ft ...
CBETA Pre Beam System Tests Pre Beam Commissioning Status Bunch Pattern Generator Beam Position Monitors Bunch Arrival Monitors Corrector FFA Power Supplies ...
CBETA Vacuum System SX 4 pass vacuum drawing * 7206 225_SX_4 Pass_08022019.pdf (Yulin Li, 08/07/2019) Pre production Girder * vacuum beam pipe drawings B...
* Vaclav Kostroun, Bruce Dunam, A Hard X ray to Gamma Ray Source using an ERL with Compton Backscattering (2014) * Carl Franck, Anticipated Performance of a CB...
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