Weekly Tuesday Inspection Checklist-CHESS RUNNING

Operator on Shift:
q BEFORE Open Access begins, close all Secondary Gate Valves
q BEFORE Open Access ends, verify tunnel lights are off at C, D, F lines and G cave and all doors on Terranova racks in tunnel are closed
q DURING White Key Access, open all secondary gate valves
Signals for the past week: (complete during OWL shift)
q All 7 Day Buttons
q Note Any Missing Signals
q Print out plots of suspicious signals for distribution to the appropriate person
At Each Station and G-Cave:
q Look for badges, forms, parking permits, burn paper
q Move 2 “occupied” area badges from A1 user area to badge rack at Ops
q Print out motor positions at each station, ops, and G-cave(prout we) & add printouts to binder in Ops
q Check kapton window in A1, mylar window in F1 and replace if necessary
q Check kapton window at I0 in F1 and replace if necessary
q Check detector chiller fluid level in F2, and GE and Pilatus detectors if being used. Top off when necessary
In the Tunnel: (complete by 10am)
q Vacuum/clean around ends of undulator magnets (4 spots)
q Record D-line beamstop counter in vacuum labbook conference on webboard
q Water leaks
q Ion pump controllers
q Loose wires
q Other obvious problems (look and listen)
q Look for missing bus/magnet covers, alert CESR operator and post webboard and ELOG notes.
q Turn off lights by C, D, and F lines and close all tunnel electronics racks as you go
At Operations
q On EPICS Monitors:
q Check for T.C. failures/overtemp
q Check for ion pump trips
q Check for disconnected signals/any other errors
q Remove group dosimeter log sheets weekly and individual dosimeter log sheets when they are full from binder, give to Dwight Widger
q Ensure broken equipment bench in ops is empty by either fixing equipment or giving to appropriate staff to fix
q Vacuum computer fans & electronics
Misc. Stuff
q Inventory Radiation Sources
q Glovebox: Check display screen for any alerts or alarms (box normally operates between 1-5mbar). Report anything suspicious (unlabeled vials, spilled materials, etc)
q Check ice machine in cold room – break up/empty out large chunks as necessary
q Check chem. rooms for obvious problems
q Run water through eye washes until it is clear. 4 locations: G line chem room, main chem room, CHESS Ops, room off of F1
q Check door intercoms (5th floor and loading dock)
q Clear clutter from Ops/Prep area and experimental floor
F2 Cryo System
q Check drip pans and buckets on East roof; empty as necessary

Post all of your findings to the Webboard
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