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CHESS Document Control

Documents and Forms


  • Motor Testing Check Sheet
  • CHESS Alarm Wiring Table
  • CHESS TC Box Network Information
  • Digital MOSTAB SetUp and Usage
  • MOSTAB Serial Interface Command Reference
  • ANN Alarm Panel Setup
  • CHESS EPICS TCBox Software Configuration
  • CHESS EPICS TC Box Setup
  • CHESS EPICS TC Box Processor Configuratiuon
  • MDCP Software and IP Address Configuration
  • Alarm Paging Interface
  • Cambridge Tech Shutter Driver Setup and Operation
  • SI Model 9700 Temp Controller SPEC Setup
  • SPEC Motor and Motor Controller Configuration


  • C-Coffin CESR-TA Changeover
  • C-Coffin CESR-TA removal
  • C-Line XBSM Clean Box Installation
  • C-Line XBSM Clean Box Removal
  • D-Line XBSM Clean Box Installation
  • D-Line XBSM Clean Box Removal


Dectris Detectors

  • Dectris Pilatus 100k-s TVX Setup
  • Dectris Pilatus 100k-s Epics/Spec Setup/Shutdown
  • Dectris Pilatus3 300k-s Epics/Spec Startup/Shutdown
  • Dectris Pilatus3 200k-s EPICS/SPEC Startup/Shutdown
  • Dectris Pilatus3 6M Epics/Spec Startup/Shutdown
  • Dectris Mythen 1k Spec Startup/Shutdown
  • Dectris Eiger 1M Setup/Configuration

Beam Position Monitoring

  • CHESS VBPM Software Guide
  • VBPM Detector Status Terminology
  • Libera Photon Monitor Startup and Shutdown
  • USB Chameleon Application Startup
  • UEI Signals Service Restart



  • F1 Automounter Setup
  • F1 Automounter Common Problems

Chemical Safety

  • Hydrofluoric Acid Use
  • Nitric Acid Use
  • Silicon Etching
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Peroxide Forming Chemicals
  • Acid and Base Neutralization


  • GE Detector Reference Manual
  • CHESS Area Detector Integration Reference Manual
  • CHESS Detector Specifications
  • Fingerlakes Lens-Coupled CCD Setup
  • GE Detector EPICS/Spec Startup/Shutdown
  • GE2 Detector Startup and Shutdown
  • Typhoon Image Plate Scanner Setup
  • Princeton GAMMA Tech IGX-50129 Startup
  • Andor Camera Startup and Shutdown
  • Princeton Quad-RO Epics Setup/Shutdown



  • Terranova Pump Controller Network Information
  • Vacuum Signal Monitoring
  • High Voltage Vacuum Equipment Safety Reference
  • Vacuum Processing and Conditioning
  • Wire Door Seal Paper
  • C-Coffin PLC Automation Control
  • A2 Coffin Pump Down and Venting Procedure
  • B1 Coffin Pump Down Procedure
  • C1 Coffin Pump Down Procedure
  • D1 Coffin Pump Down Procedure
  • F1/F3 Coffin Pump Down Procedure
  • G-Line Multilayer Box 001 Pump Down Procedure
  • G-Line Multilayer Box 002 Pump Down Procedure
  • Venting C-Cave Beam Pipe
  • D-Coffin Wire Door Seal
  • PGT IGX50129 GE SS Detector Pumpdown and Bakeout
  • Fast VAT Valve Reset Procedure
  • G-Line Multilayer Box 002 Vent Procedure
  • F2 Pumpdown Procedure
  • Vacuum Incursion Checklist

More Detectors

  • Vortex Single Element Startup/Shutdown
  • Vortex ME4 Multi-element Startup/Shutdown
  • Dexela 2923 EPICS/Spec Setup/Shutdown
  • QImaging Retiga 4000DC EPICS/SPEC Setup/Shutdown at f2
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