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Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source

Doc#: SOP-OPS-009

Procedure: User Check In and Check Out

Prepared by: KM

Rev.: 3

Revision Date: 02/09/15

Date Effective:

Date Expires:

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To check in users when they arrive at CHESS and check users out when their beamtime has finished.
*Materials and Equipment Needed
  1. Computer with internet access
  2. Specadm username/password
  3. Temporary radiation badges and holders
  4. User Folder
  5. Temporary ID cards (sometimes)
  1. Safety Issues: A safety officer will need to be contacted when a group with a hazardous proposal checks in or out
User Check-In
  1. Greet the users. Confirm what station the group is working at.
    1. If they are checking in between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, ask if their group has checked in with Kathy Dedrick. If they have not seen Kathy yet, send the users upstairs to the reception area and Kathy will give them their folders, parking passes, temporary IDs, radiation badges, and complete the necessary paperwork. If they have already done this, proceed to step 2.
    2. If a user group is checking in after 5pm or anytime on a weekend, the CHESS Operator will take care of the paperwork that Kathy normally does.
      1. Give one of the group members the group folder. It should be located on the wall across from the badge computer, organized by station. The name of the PI should be on the folder.
        1. Have each user sign a User Agreement Form (there are multiple copies of the form in the folder and extras in the ops area). By signing this form, users are agreeing that they understand the CHESS safety handbook, Cornell Code of Conduct, and will acknowledge CHESS in any published papers. Put the signed user agreement forms in the stacked black file holders located near the phones in the ops area.
        2. Briefly explain the other information in the folder – campus map, feedback forms, computer passwords, Cornell policies
      2. Ask if the group needs a parking pass. If they do, they will need to get a parking pass from the reception area on the next business day. Users can park in the ME parking lot at night and on weekends without getting a ticket.
      3. Ask if the users have Cornell IDs. If they are from Cornell and have Cornell IDs, the IDs should already be activated to give the users access to enter Wilson Lab when the doors are locked. If the users do not have a Cornell ID, they will need temporary ID cards to be able to enter the lab when the doors are locked.
        1. There are temporary ID cards in a blue bin in the badge cabinet. If we are expecting the user, there should be an envelope with the user’s name on it in the bin. The card is already activated, and the operator can simply give the user the card.
        2. If there is not an envelope with the user’s name on it, take an unassigned temporary ID from the badge cabinet. The card is already activated. Make a photocopy of some type of ID from the user – driver’s license, university ID, passport. Give the user the temporary ID card and place the copy of the user’s ID in the envelope that the temporary ID card was in. Put the envelope back in the badge cabinet. Make a note on the Webboard that you gave a user an unassigned temporary ID card, and note the card number.
  2. Assign a radiation badge to each user
  3. If the proposal is hazardous, it will be flagged on the database schedule. If the proposal is not flagged as hazardous, verify with the users that they have not brought any solvents or hazardous materials with them. A member from the safety committee needs to check-in all hazardous proposals.
    1. Page or call a member of the safety committee. There is usually a specific safety committee member assigned to each hazardous user group, and this person should already be familiar with the group’s proposal. The committee member may meet the users and talk with them, or tell the operator what to look for and check.
    2. Ensure that the white board near the entrance to CHESS West has the appropriate information listed for the hazardous materials currently at CHESS.
    3. There is a red binder labeled “Hazardous Proposals and Materials at CHESS” in the blue “CHESS Reference” cabinet in the ops area. The safety committee will put the MSDS and relative safety information for all hazardous proposals currently at CHESS in this binder.
  4. Remind the users that they need to check out with the CHESS Operator when their beamtime is finished.
  5. Users who do not need a safety tour may go to their station. If there is a staff member assigned to set-up the group (usually for A1 and F1 stations), page the staff member and tell him/her the group has arrived, if the staff member is not already at the station.
  6. If there are new users in the group, give them a safety tour
    1. See SOP-OPS-003, CHESS Facility Tour
User Check-Out
      1. Collect a radiation badge from each user, sign it in on the database, and place it in the badge lock box behind the badge computer
        1. Remind users to fill out their online feedback forms
        2. Collect parking passes and temporary IDs, if the users have them.
          1. Parking passes and temporary IDs go in the same lockbox located behind the badge computer, labeled “User Parking Permits”
        3. If the group had a hazardous proposal, contact a member of the safety committee to complete the check-out.
SOP-OPS-003 – CHESS Facility Tour
Revision History
Rev. 1 – Initial document (06/08/12 KM)
Rev. 2 – Added details about paperwork in the user folder, added a sentence in the hazardous proposal section (6/15/12 KM)
Rev. 3 – Corrected a few steps that referred to the old database/calendar. Added that the User Office will assign radiation badges during normal business hours. Changed parking lot code from W to ME. Removed SOP-OPS-006 from references (that document is obsolete) (2/9/15 KM)

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