-- DhR - 14 Apr 2009

BASS meeting 4/1/09
sbp, ef, dr, pr, st

sbp - planning to reinstate logging of psitions from cbpm system - don' tread out non-existing bunch. Start today recording positions in W flare. contains contiguous bpms, and source points for CHESS. Sampling rate - once per minute. Will check if position measurements come at same time for all bpm's. Can compare with CHESS photon positions.
st - can also take positions in N area? sbp not eager to use relay based bpms. Will monitor one bunch.

sbp - frame grabber system gives x-y position at s.r. source points - bifurcated data - two fitting possibilities.

der - C line survey with Jim. mm errors common. Horizontal analysis more difficult - x-y coordinate system. Workng on correlating wth measurements (C line new installation) ef - put in CESR system?

Sasha -frame grabber records of beam positions and beam size from visible s.r. pr - how many frames averaged? ~15?
pr will compare st data with CHESS monitor. Periodicity? not clearly.

pr - working on video and mainly analog system. See periodic variation - few seconds of 10-20 um. Effect reduced with short cables to cameras. Don't see on USB based digital cameras. Sometimes turn camera 90 degrees. Pixelization can cause magnification of position change. Averaging meets present needs.

ef - chris connelly on maternity leave. Ernie wants to put dial indicator on quad. consult with dlh, ssc?

Action list:
  • sbp - continue position measurments, mjf software to predict positions in CHESS lines
  • der - continue analysis of survey data, expand to more beam line components (size of apertures, distance from sources), work with js to integrate chess lines in databaee
  • st - continue looking for sources - use sbp position data? help ef with monitoring
  • pr - continue chess positions monitoring, development
  • ef - monitor position of quads.

meet again in 2 weeks.
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