-- DhR - 20 Apr 2009 BASS 4/15/09 sbp, st, der, pr, ef

ef - looking at startup drifts - last week many interruptions, this week quick startup. would like to put thermocouples on magnets and stands - st - one close to floor, one mid stand
ef - time constant from this week startup is 8 hours. sbp plot few days ago similar, but only e+ vert shows warm up effect. Other 3 measurements returned to same position, but e+ vert can "take days." dlh thinks it is his optics changing.
pr - many pe monitors show similar drift.
sbp - bpm's - corrected some software cbpm to xy logging node, but module died and conflicts with CTA machine studies. From 1E to 12W with 2 det missing in W flare.
thermocouples - dhr - standard cesr monitors coarse. pr - has 16 bit , 0.1C monitors, connected to CHESS system. suggest udp client to grab data. sbp - crs made interface to read out frame grabber from pc running labview on windows.
sbp - plan to take pairs of bpm signals and predict x-ray positions.
st - compared frame grabber and A line positions - clear correlation.
st - vis light monitor reproducibility affected by mechanical perturbations during access? discuss mechanical constraints - vacuum chamber/magnets and ability to isolate elements responsible for motion.

der - took building drawing - resected to Jim's CESR coordinate system. Looks close - continue work with Jim. Can't yet get overall picture of how well surveyed positions are in detail consistent with observed x-ray positions.
sbp - log positions of motorized elements? ef - coming pr - no absolute position -count steps. other measurements?
compute heat from magnets - estimate expected air temperature change? Where is tunnel air temperature sensed?

Continue development of:
  • Temperature monitoring (place thermocouples on magnets & stands)
  • Beam position (CESR) monitoring & correlation with x-ray monitors
  • Software to predict x-ray position from CESR orbit info
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