VRVS Setup in Clark 700

Required items

  1. "Clark VRVS Box"
    1. Polycom ViewStation
      • power brick and cable
      • pod microphone with cable
      • Remote control
      • long black rca video cable and long blue audio cable
    2. Projection Laptop (Windows)
      • power brick and cable
      • mouse, remote control (with usb receiver), laser pointer
      • long vga cable
      • USB thumb drive
    3. VRVS Laptop (Mac)
      • power brick and cable
    4. Spare batteries (AAA & C - also available in Clark A/V cabinet)
    5. Speaker phone and cable (backup for anyone who can't use VRVS -- can also use cell phone in speakerphone mode)

Setup Equipment

  1. Unlock Clark 700 including the A/V room and the A/V cabinet
  2. turn on the power strip attached to the side of the a/v cabinet in the a/v room
  3. Remove the lapel microphone from the cabinet, and place on table in center of stage.
    • turn on Lapel Microphone and make sure you can hear yourself through Clark's audio system
  4. Turn on the projector using the panel on the wall near the projection screen
  5. plugin a TripLight surge protector underneath the table in the center of the podium
  6. Unpack the laptop (including the lazer pointer, remote control, mouse, and power brick) and place on stage table.
    1. using a vga cable, plug the external vga connection into the input on the front of the stage
    2. plugin power and turn on laptop
  7. roll the cart with the TV and vcr out to the right of the podium (as you face the podium).
    • unroll the power cable and plug it into the triplight surge protector
  8. roll an empty cart out to center aisle in front of podium
    1. place the polycom ViewStation on top of cart. (Red tape with blue arrows point to all of the required connections on the back of the ViewStation.)
      • connect the blue a/v cable with red & white connections to the first red/white a/v outputs (underneath the red tape and blue arrow) on the ViewStation.
        • connect the other end to the red/white a/v input on the side of the stage
      • connect the long black rca video cable to the corresponding yellow video output (underneath the red tape and blue arrow) on the ViewStation
        • connect the other end to the yellow "Video In" input on the back of the VCR
      • connect the power to the viewstation, and plug it into an extenstion cord run to the triplight surge protector on the stage
      • connect the pod microphone to the polycom viewstation, and place it near the center of the table on the stage.
      • remove the ethernet cable from the stage (round hole cut-out), and plug it into the ethernet switch port (underneath the red tape and blue arrow) of the polycom viewstation
      • turn on the TV and VCR
        • make sure VCR is on "Line". if not, press "Channel down" on the VCR until it gets to Line
      • turn on the ViewStation
        • if everything is connected properly, you should hear the polycom boot through Clark's audio system and see it's video on the TV.
  9. place the VRVS Mac laptop on the back table, a plug a power strip into the outlets in the back of the room
    • turn on laptop
  10. clean up any loose cables, using gaffers tape as necessary

Setup Meeting

  1. presentation laptop should automatically login as LEPP (no password)
    1. as needed, plugin mouse and usb connector for remote control
    2. start Firefox
      • If needed, click on the wireless icon in the lower-right corner of the taskbar, select "view Available Network", and choose ccmr.cornell.edu
    3. open the CLEO-mtg folder on the Desktop, and move all talks into the 'OLD' folder
    4. download talks to the 'CLEO-mtg' folder on the Desktop
  2. start Firefox on the VRVS laptop
  3. using the ViewStation's remote, steer the viewstation to focus as much as possible on the screen


In emergency, call Devin Bougie (Wilson Lab: 254.8353, Home: 844.3629) or Michael Roman (Home: 272.8617, Cell: 342.4562)


  • lapel microphone isn't working:
    1. check batteries and make sure the microphone's power is on
    2. Adjust the lapel microphone and "Master" volume on the top audio mixer in the A/V cabinet
  • Remote participants can't hear Clark
    1. make sure the ViewStation's pod microphone is not muted.
  • Clark can't hear remote participants, but they can hear eachother:
    1. try adjusting the volume on the projection laptop controls on the wall panel.
    2. You may also need to adjust the "Projection" (right-most control) and "Master" volume on the top audio mixer in the A/V cabinet.


  • you can't see the polycom viewstation on the TV,
    1. pickup the ViewStation's remote, to make sure it is not asleap.
    2. make sure VCR is on "Line". if not, press "Channel down" on the VCR until it gets to Line
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