CLASSE-IT International Travel Guide

CLASSE recommendations for the traveler with a computer

Do not take your primary laptop computer with you.

  • Especially when you travel internationally, request a loaner from the CLASSE computer group. Allow at least a week for laptop setup if there are any special requirements. These loaners are wiped and software reinstalled whenever they return from traveling.
  • Consider getting an inexpensive "burner" phone. Unfortunately, CLASSE cannot provide a phone.
  • The traveling laptop must contain only the minimum of essential software and data files. It must not contain any sensitive or confidential data and its contents must not be encrypted.
    • Use CLASSE Samba or Box to store all of the files you will be needing at your destination
    • If you can, use the CLASSE VPN to access Samba. Unfortunately, some countries, like Russia, forbid the use of some VPNs. SSH, SFTP or WinSCP might be alternatives.
    • Sometimes access to Web services is blocked, including access to CLASSE and Box. If that happens, email CLASSE IT (service-classe@cornell.edu) requesting necessary files be sent to you using email.

When you return

  • Change any passwords you used while traveling
  • Have your electronic devices scanned for malware and other signs of intrusion

Some reasons for these recommendations

  • Laptops and smartphones sometimes are confiscated by customs or TSA agents.
  • Many countries forbid any file encryption.
  • Laptops and smartphones sometimes are stolen or lost in airports and other public areas.
  • Public networks, including those in airports, cybercafes, conferences and hotels, often have been compromised, resulting in malware infections or stolen personal information, including credit card and banking data.

Pre-register with CLASSE and Cornell any travel outside the U.S.

In order to protect you while you travel abroad, and to help Cornell manage its non-U.S. compliance obligations, effective as of September 28, 2015, all staff, students, and faculty are required to pre-register any travel outside the U.S. in the International Travel Registry. Contact the CLASSE business office for more information.

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