Windows Data Storage

  • Please see Data Stewardship for guidelines on Windows and cross platform data storage.
  • Windows 7 desktop computers have a locally shared scratchpad which is not backed up at C:\TEMP
    • Note: The standard protection of C:\\TEMP is world readable. You should set appropriate Permissions on any confidential documents and directories.
  • If additional storage is needed, please send e-mail describing your needs to service-classe@cornell.edu.

This remainder of this document is obsolete. The Windows domain LNSNTCAD has been retired.
  • Starting in summer of 2010, many PC50 accounts are being migrated to \\samba\user. That is the Z drive for people whose accounts have been migrated. We have found that Office 2007 programs have problems writing to the antique PC50 NT disk server. For more information, see the Wiki page NewZDrive
    • Legacy LNSNTCAD accounts may have a directory on PC50 with a 300MB quota. You can see PC50's disk on your PC as the Z drive.
  • Legacy LNSNTCAD Windows XP computers have a locally shared datastore where you can read/write data that needs to be backed up at C:\USER_LOCAL. Any files here should be moved to appropriate project RAID space or your personal network space at \\samba\user. Windows 7 computers do not have a C:\USER_LOCAL. XP Computers migrated to CLASSE are no longer backed up.

-- JamesPulver - 2012-01-05
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