Disabling Windows 7 Network Hardware

To see the full-screen version of any of the images below, RMB (click with Right Mouse Button) on the picture and select "View Image"

The instructions below assume that you have already configured the network interfaces appropriately for the networks that you need to use.

Open Task Manager

  • RMB the task bar and select the "Start Task Manager"
    edni00 start taskmanager.jpg

Select the Start Menu icon

  • Select the Network tab in the Task Manager
  • Select the Start menu:
    edni01 select start.jpg

In the right column, RMB Computer

  • RMB Computer:
    edni02 computer.jpg

At the bottom of the popup menu, select Properties

  • Select properties:
    edni03 computer properties.jpg

In the top-left-corner of the new window , select Device Manager

  • Select Device Manager:
    edni04 device properties.jpg

In the new Device Manager window, expand Network Adapters

  • Click on the [+] to its left to expand the list of network devices:
    edni05 networkdev.jpg

RMB on the appropriate network adapter device name.

There will be one entry for each of the network devices in your computer. Click the appropriate one with the RightMouseButton. In the popup menu, select Disable
  • Select Disable:
    edni06 disable.jpg
  • Yes to Disable:
    edni07 disable yes.jpg

Network goes away

  • Notice that no network is shown in Task Manager:
    edni08 nonet.jpg

Enable the other network interface

  • Click the appropriate network interface with the RightMouseButton. In the popup menu, select Enable:
    edni09 enable.jpg

Your computer is now connected to the other network

  • Network is enabled:
    edni10 enabled.jpg
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