Disconnecting (and Reconnecting) your Computer for a Move

Here are some suggestions for preparing LEPP owned computer(s) for being moved to your new office in the Physical Sciences Building or elsewhere.

These preparations need to be done before the movers take the computer. If the movers are packing your office, this must be done before they pack it.

If you do not feel comfortable doing these things, please send email immediately to service-lepp@cornell.edu so we can schedule time to help.

1. Shut down the computer "gracefully". Select the computer's on-screen "shutdown" option.

Otherwise just turn it off, although this might cause problems when it is turned on again.

2. Turn off the computer and the display.

3. Unplug the system box and the display from the "Isobar" power strip. That power strip will not be needed in your new office. New power strips are being acquired.

4. Unplug the power cords from the system unit and from the display.

5. Unplug the keyboard and mouse from the system box. Note which socket which one is plugged into.

6. Disconnect the display's video cable from the system box. This connector will have thumbscrews holding it. If you can, disconnect it from the display, too. (Some have fixed cables.)

7. Unplug the network cable from the computer. That cable will not be needed in your new office. A new cable will be provided. The new cable will be appropriately labeled.

8. If you have any external peripherals, unplug and uncable them, too.

9. Appropriately bundle or tape the cables together so they stay with the computer's system box.

Reverse this procedure when installing your computer in your new office.

Clarification: The computer and its peripherals will be moved to your new office by whatever process you have selected for moving your office contents. In most cases, the movers hired by Cornell will be handling the move. If you have chosen to do the move yourself, then you're responsible for moving the computer, too. Please notify the LEPP computer group immediately if you will need help.

If you have any questions about this procedure. please send email to service-lepp@cornell.edu

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